Sampler Canada: Get Coupons for new P.F. Chang’s Frozen Meal and Sauce Products

Sampler Canada has a new offer available, and this offer is for coupons for new P.F. Chang's retail products. These new frozen meal and sauce products have just hit stores, and you can hopefully qualify for coupons to try them out. Keep in mind these are not free coupons, and if you qualify for this offer you will receive a coupon valid for $2 off the purchase of any P.F. Chang's Frozen Meal, and $1 off the purchase of any one P.F. Chang's Sauce product.

You can sign in to your Sampler account through the link below, and you can go ahead and register if you are new to Sampler. You will be asked a few questions about where you shop, how often you cook at home, dietary restrictions, and whether or not you purchase frozen meals. Answer accordingly if you would like to be offered the coupons.

Click here to coupons for new P.F. Chang products through Sampler Canada.