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Social Nature Canada: Try Beanies Bean Puff Snacks and A. Vogel Digestive Complex For Free

There are a couple of new products that you might be able to try for free from Social Nature Canada. Click the link below to sign in to your account and see if you are able to complete a survey to try Beanies Bean Puff Snacks, and Digestive Aid Complex from A. Vogel. I am in Ontario and I have neither of these this time around,

If you are chosen to try these products, you are typically sent a voucher that you can redeem for the product. Occasionally Social Nature will send out the product by mail. Once you get your voucher or receive your product, you are expected to complete the review for that product within a couple of weeks.

There are many free product opportunities from Social Nature throughout the year, so make sure you are signed up!

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