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Foodland Black Friday Canada 2014 Full Flyer Sneak Peek

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Here is a Sneak Peek at the FULL Foodland Black Friday Canada 2014 Flyer!

This Foodland Canada Black Friday Canada 2014 flyer is valid from November 28th through to December 4th, 2014 but there is a special hot sale on select items from Friday November 28th through to Sunday November 30th 2014 just for Black Friday Canada 2014!

These special Black Friday Canada 2014 discounts include:

  • Save up to $3.61 off of the Clover Leaf or Gold Seal Sockeye Salmon $2.88
  • Save up to $2.61 off of the Nestle After Eight Chocolates (yum)
  • Save up to $4.11 off of the Compliments Frozen Lasagna
  • and more!

The Nestle After Eight chocolates are a super hot price at only $3.88! They make excellent add on gifts for Christmas, or even spoil yourself a little bit!